Sunday, March 23, 2014

Elvis Quick Page

Here is a quick page from my latest kit... I hope you like it and can use it.. hugs Rainy

Download the full size below

Monday, November 11, 2013

Silver Bells

This is by far my favorite type of quick page, I tried something for
 the first time, in that I made the elements all silver, I got a 
tremendous response..:) Hugs Rainy

Sunday, November 10, 2013

Puddles Quick Page

Splashing in the puddles, brings home some nice memories, 
I hope this page does for you too.. hugs Rainy

Summer Dream'n Quick Page

Here is one for those summer photos.  at the beach.. 
or lake!  Even in your backyard in a pool.. 
This is from my scrap kit Puddles.  I hope
you like it, hugs rainy

The zip file has transparency intact and is larger 

Saturday, November 9, 2013

Angel Face quick page

and the last one for now.. I love this kit.. :) Hope you find a use for it.. hugs Rainy

Art Nouveau Quick Page

This quick page is from one of my favorite kits, I think I might do
 another quick page from the same kit.. This is the merged 
version, download the original by clicking below
Hugs Rainy

Country Morning quick page

I hope you like this one, I love color, and I have a lot of kits what satisfy that need for color.  I'm hoping some of you like this well enough to download it.. hugs Rainy ps this one is the merged version of the 1200px X 1200px with transparency intact.  You will find that in the download.

The Download Link below

Thursday, November 7, 2013

Froggy Quick Page

Here is a quick page from one of my cutest kits.
"Froggy" even if I say so myself.  Hope
You think so too.. Click below to download it. 

Pansy Quick Page

I love this kit and find it makes some really pretty pages.

Below is a quick page out of the same kit I created before..
 like this one better:) at least you get a choice.. hugs Rainy

Both quick pages are in the folder.

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Beauty Quick Page

This was created from my Beauty Scrap Kit, 
I love the shades of brown.. So rich looking
Hugs Rainy

Download is below

Saturday, November 2, 2013

Embrace Quick Page

Here is a quick page created from my scrap kit,
"Embrace"  Another love and romance quick page.  I like it, 
hope you do too.. hugs Rainy

Monday, October 28, 2013

A Time To Treasure Quick Page

Here is a quick page that was created from my scrap kit,
"A Time To Treasure" This is only the preview, which has been
 merged, in order to get the 1200 X 1200 with transparencies
you will need to download it.  The download link is below
 the preview.  I hope you like it, hugs Rainy

If you would like the scrap kit, it's just below

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Funky Monkees Quick Page ... Always free

This quick page was made from "Zebras and Such" which is one of my favorite kits... I think this one is cute since you can put your favorite little boy or girl behind the bars.. And a photo of something you saw at the zoo in the other frame, cute huh? Lol of course the download has transparency so you can slip the photos behind the bars or just the frame, The is always room at the top to insert the name of the zoo and the date... I think it will be a great memory... Hope you like it.. Not just a little either.. Lol This quick page is created 1200px by 1200px, with transparencies intact!  Lol hugs Rainy

If you want it, please click on the link below.. Download Quick Page here

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Autumn2 Quickpage

Good Afternoon, At first I had this as a template, but forgot to save it with layers in tact, so nows it's a quickpage...It was created with my kit Autumn Memory in mind, you may keep the elements, such as the crow, wordart, and leaves, the film strips are masks and are transparent.  When you download the original template, you can slip your small autumn photos behind, . .This is my advice, but of course you may do as you like.  :)  I would remove the middle autumn scene, and replace it with a large autumn scene of your own..  think you will be happy with it.. any problems, don't hesitate to write to me!
I'm not giving a sample this time.. since I used so many elements to create it, it would be redundant :)
I have created this 1200px square, but there are ways to upsize it, the tut is on my quickpages blog.  and it may be downsized.  Just have fun.. I would just leave it as is.. and select the white and delete, slip your autumn photos behind the firm strips.. If you have any problems with this, I will create another one... Hugs Rainy 

If you like it, see that it has potential, you maybe download it from below

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Grandma Loves Purple Quickpage

I am sure some of you will like this one... at least I hope so...I think it's a pretty kit and can make some awesome quickpages. I created a place for Journaling for those of you who like to do this... :) Here's the sample preview, so you can know what you are getting :)

And the download is below click


Friday, October 19, 2012

Cherry Blossom Quick Page 1200px square always free

I had a lot of fun playing with this one,, it was made into a quifk page a few months ago.  But I think you will like this one...I love the asian culture the dance the food the lifestyle...
Here is the sample of the quick page

Done\by Yours Truly hopeyou like it

Cherry Blossoms download

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Who Let the Dogs out quickpage 1200px 300 dpi

Who let the dogs out Quick page, I hope you like it... the kit is on sweetz blog, it's the mother blog.. so don't miss it... I had fun creating this one...If you click on the link you will download the 1200px x 1200px version..just slip a photo in behind it.. and there you have it..

I sure hope you can use it... I love this kit.. The full kit is on Sweetz Blog.. Hugs Rainy

Silver Threads Quick Page

Silver Threads among the gold Quickpage, This is an update for the kit by the same name! It was a popular kit, and in my group I have three ladies who do Family Heritage, so I thought I would create something special. Just hope there is enough room for journaling :) The download has a quick page that is 1200px by 1200px.  I really wanted to create one that was 3600px but all my scraps are no bigger than 800px so I was stuck.. I have a great computer, and the graphics card is awesome.. so this should be very printable.

I hope Judy, Gail, and Dee can use this..:)  Hugs Rainy

The quick page can be found here..remember it's 1200px by 1200px  300 dpi

.Silver Threads Quick Page download

You can download the original kit

Silver Threads Kit download

Monday, September 20, 2010

Zebra's and such quick page

This is the the very first thing I have created since I have
been gone, it's a little simple but perfect for that "day at the zoo"
trip for you and your children/grandchildren!
I hope you like it... I love the animals!  Hugs Rainy

You may download this from 4shared below!

Zebras and Such Quick Page!
Hugs Rainy

Monday, October 5, 2009

Sweet Dreaming Quickpage

Hi again..The weather in Indianapolis has certainly gotten cooler.. 42 degrees this morning, and about 67 now.. I hope we are not in for a cold winter, I am still enjoying the summer months and can't wait for Autumn to come in full force! I suppose the cool weather will help that along! :)

Well, this one turned out cute I think! I used elements from my Sweet Dreaming kit which is free and still available! Link is below. I hope you like it as much as I do.. !

800px x 600px 300 dpi

You can download the quick page in png format

If you would like the full kit and preview all parts of it, you can do that

Thanks for stopping by.. hugs, Rainy